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Internationally Trained Professionals (ITP)

Internationally trained professionals who are licensed as architects outside of Canada may pursue the various pathways toward licensure as an architect in Ontario.

Such pathways include:

If you have any questions, email the Office of the Registrar. You are reminded that you may not use the professional title “Architect” in Ontario unless you are licensed by the OAA.

Registration Committee Hearings

The OAA Registration Committee conducts formal hearings between the Registrar and applicants who wish to practise architecture in Ontario as members of the OAA. When individuals who make an application for a licence or limited licence do not meet all the legislated criteria, the Registrar is obligated to issue a Notice of Proposal to refuse the application. However, within that notice is the ability for the applicant to request a hearing with the Registration Committee. At a hearing, the onus will be on the applicant to demonstrate to a panel that their qualifications, knowledge, or experience merit a licence or limited licence with the OAA in order to practise architecture in Ontario. At the conclusion of a hearing, the Committee makes a determination.

Exemptions Requests to Council

The OAA has a statutory obligation under the Architects Act to ensure those in the architecture profession meet the prescribed requirements prior to membership with the OAA. The Association must consistently apply the legislated requirements in accordance with the Regulation to fulfil its statutory obligation. The academic, examination, and experience requirements are set out under the Act and explicitly in the Regulation. However, prior to application for a licence or limited licence, requests for exemption from some of the legislated requirements can be considered by OAA Council. The purpose of Section 33 of the Regulation is to provide an opportunity for an individual to demonstrate their qualifications, knowledge, or experience merit exemption from certain legislated requirements.


International Agreements:

Office of the Registrar
t: 416.449.6898 Ext: 285 or 297


Lashmi Ollivierre, Administrator, Internship in Architecture Program (IAP)
t: 416.449.6898 Ext.204



The Canadian Architectural Certification Board
1508-1 Nicholas St.
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7B7 Canada
t: 613.241.8399
f: 613.241.7991

Broadly Experienced Foreign Architects Program

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