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River City Phase 3

Location: Toronto, Ont.
Architect: Saucier + Perotte Architectes in joint venture with ZAS Architects

OAA Design Excellence Awards Winner

Energy Efficiency and Carbon Stability

Architects must play a role in stabilizing the climate change crisis, lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in favour of clean power. This year, the OAA required Energy Usage Intensity (EUI) metrics as part of its awards submissions. The lower the number, the less impact the building has on our climate. To learn more, click here.

TEUI:  170.7 ekWh/m2

River City Phase 3 is one of the most unique and diverse multi-unit residential buildings in Toronto. An expression of architectural variety within a framework of sober-sided city planning, this project has prodded other developers to raise the level of residential design in the local neighbourhood and Toronto as a whole. Phase 3 pursues the integration of a balanced approach that considers cost, community, and performance of the building for the benefit of its owners, users and the community while questioning what a condo building can be.

Evoking the mineral characteristics of the previous phases, Phase 3 is a continuity of the volumes that shape the entire complex. It is composed of the angular crystalline minerals of black and white. The tower conceptually erodes to symbolize this dual mineral nature: a solid black object inset with white diaphanous crystals. Each apartment is the expression of individuality. Each is a living element you pile up to create complexity. The constant push and pull of these white boxes proliferate up the tower reinforcing the notion of individuality for each unit, assembling as a complex erosion of the white crystal.
River City 3 is the cornerstone to what has become a green and sustainable community where pedestrian-friendly streets, exceptional parks, and public spaces are linked with an architecture inspired by flow, movement, and continuity. The design creates an open residential community that responds to the industrial nature of the area yet incorporates and builds on the significant green infrastructure within it. Born of the flows represented by the Don River and Richmond- Adelaide ramps, the concept of movement had a major influence on the architectural approach, which can be seen in the continuities created throughout the site.
River City 3, one of Toronto’s first LEED Gold developments, stands as a striking marriage of refined aesthetics and sustainable design. It brings a unique and bold response to a brownfield, post-industrial site that stretches along the Don River. In designing this development, significant steps have been taken to reduce the carbon footprint, including reducing as much as possible what it takes to build our buildings and creating a healthy living environment within them.

Image Credit: Saucier+Perrotte Architectes / ZAS Architects

Image Credit: Saucier+Perrotte Architectes / ZAS Architects

Image Credit: Saucier+Perrotte Architectes / ZAS Architects
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